☀ About

The Freedom Network is a new social network designed for everyone living on planet earth. It is 100% free to become a member. All members will receive a basic social income of REAL money, for free, as well as a social profile. Users have nearly unlimited freedom to customize their user profiles.

Also, there is no news feed. There is only a new members feed. We believe people are more important than news. There is truly nothing new under the sun these days... News feeds offer cheap entertainment at best, but lately they have become a detrimental distraction to social networks. Social networks with news feeds now more than ever receive ridiculous amounts of fake news. Fake news only exists to squander advertising dollars and bait clicks. Fake news is one of the worsts things out there for an informed, connected society. Fake news is the monkey wrench that completely wrecks our otherwise efficient society of trade, freedom and commerce. Fake news always leads to wasted time of another human being, and often even creates some kind of dangerous real world situation. No. News. Feeds. Period.

The Freedom Network is a very FOCUSED social network. It often only takes ONE idea to change your life... one idea and then a lot of action backing that one idea. You should know that 99% of the information you feed your mind is completely irrelevant in assisting you to reach your life goals... Even feel good memes about happy thoughts, if not put into an action plan, can become a waste of your time! Accurate thinking is a key concept at Freedom Network. We will only ever display posts and content that can lead to immediate action and impactful results in your life!

I want to warmly welcome you, here and now, to the freedom network family.
I humbly ask that you begin collaborating on at least one goal or project with the person who led you to us, and do that as soon as possible. Thank you.

~ King Tyler VVS, Founder


In a nutshell: we are developing a free public website that will perform the roles of search, chat, advertising, feedback, trade and more. Imagine having the benefits of google, facebook, craigslist, paypal and ebay all under one site that is ironically easier to navigate than all the above, even while having more functionality. The site will have a built in currency that is inflation proof and can be exchanged at a rate of 0% instantly - no waits. Also, ALL users will be given a free daily banner ad to use or lease out. This is better than the company taking ALL the ad revenue for itself. There will of course be many more features than what is mentioned here.