Did you mistype FAQ by accident?
No, haha, not at all! "FQA" actually means Frequently Question Authority! Most of the people who claim to be your "leaders" absolutely do not have your best interests in mind at all... But I do. And if anyone ever asks you not to question them, that is a sure sign they are in dire need of questioning! ~ King Tyler VVS

Is this for real?

Are you legit?

Why should I join?
You get some great icing: a simple, state of the art social network profile with limitless capabilities over other social networks...  on top of a phenomenal cake: a free income, deemed the "Universal Citizens Dividend." You invest nothing but time in order to claim both of these benefits. There are absolutely no entry fees or hidden fees in our organization, ever.

So, you are giving away free money?
Yes, me, my family, our sponsors, and many, many other investors, collaborators, and responsible citizens who are helping to restart society with a soft, gradual reset process.

Why give away free money?
You do not teach a man to fish. Nor do you give a man a fish. You do both. Give him his first fish, if he likes it he will want more, THEN you teach him how to fish. He will have created his own reason WHY to fish. Have you ever gotten a coupon from a local restaurant for a free meal? This is the FASTEST way for any new or declining restaurant to grow their customer base and let new locals know how great their food is! At Freedom Network, we are giving away money instead of food.

Where does the money come from?
If you understood the history of how money has been created by banks for the past century, you would be furious. Banks create money either out of paper, or literally out of thin air in the form of credit. They then lend it to the people and businesses and governments at interest. This is usury and is the true reason for lack, poverty, crime, desperation, sadness, and war. OUR money comes from unbiased and highly reliable computing technology, not corrupt banks owned by political parasites. We deal only in bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies of the modern age. Our money is created mathematically and at pre-determined rates, and it lands straight into the wallets of real people, not banks, the very moment it is created!

How much money will I get?
The amount will vary. Your daily dividend will be a component function of how many crypto-coins are created, how much ad revenue is generated, how many affiliate products are sold, and how many donations we receive on a daily basis. Note that at first your payments may be small, but like the tiny seeds of a tree, they will grow enormous with time.  If I had given you one penny worth of bitcoin every day starting in 2009 when bitcoin was released, today you would have over one million dollars... and that is not a lie or an exaggeration, if anything it is an understatement. If the public US debt alone were eliminated and the cash returned to the people evenly, each citizen would get over $30,000. Have faith in what we are doing here, participate and help collaborate, and you will see better financial times in YOUR *very near* future! That is my absolute promise! Visit the pay schedule page to see our most recent dividend payments along with further proof that what we are saying is very true. PAY SCHEDULE LINK TO BE POSTED HERE SOON!

How does the social network work?
We do not believe in competing with ANYONE'S website, business or social network. Instead we believe there is FAR more strength in unity, brotherhood, sisterhood, camaraderie, collaboration, and marriage. Therefore, any profile you currently favor, be it your blog, your facebook, your personally branded website - ad infinitum... Any page on the web can be either married with our system as your profile, being hosted in an iframe gateway; or used to populate your profile in cases where it cannot be hosted (like with facebook profiles.) Also, all profiles are created and screened by a real human being and further screened by members over time to add legitimacy and trust to the process. Only one account and one profile per human may exist. To attempt to create 2 accounts is considered theft for obvious reasons. A notable feature of our social network will be that ALL members will receive the same amount of visits to their profile from other members, universally, no matter how much money they donate or otherwise spend within our organization. Finally, we do not have a news feed. We only have a new members feed and that is all. We believe most news to be a huge distraction in life. Our paid member club site over at www.d3fc.me will feature an oldies feed for entertainment purposes.

You're actually a King?
Yes, I really am a King, and I do have heritage and a royal family crest to show... but truth be told, we all share the same lineage anyways, so you too have the potential to be a King or Queen. First, you must understand that the highest and most important duty of a king IS, always was, and always will be THIS: to be a good servant to his people. To SERVE the people's needs and the people's will. To represent the people as ONE. Throughout history, most humans have fallen short of that task miserably, even going as far as doing the exact opposite of the people's will! In more recent history, a solution was proposed - rename the position of King to something else. Call it something else, and it wont hurt as much! Yeah right... As we all can see, creating pseudo kings in the form of CEOS, bankers, presidents, politicians, managers and bosses, etc, ad infinitum... creating these numerous king pseudonyms has done almost nothing to protect humanity from tyranny. Instead we have turned one simple evil dragon into a many headed hydra! That is why I have decided to stand up as a TRUE King and answer both God and humanity's plea for aid against this vast evil sickness that has befallen earth. And I shall not fail. In fact, I have already succeeded.

Will you not conflict with other governments?
No. In fact, most governments will benefit from following my guidance, because governments are actually comprised of real people, and most people are just merely lost or misinformed about life here on earth. Our education and religious systems do not do a good enough job at teaching people good, productive, healthy habits; nor do they truly help people develop the self control, confidence, creativity and mindfulness they need to succeed in all facets of life. This inadequacy spills over into every institution later down the road, especially governments, businesses and politics. Crime is also a major result, as is drug use and suicide. All this resulting merely from people having incomplete information on how to live. I intend to be complimentary to most governments and inspire change within. Governments should be worried about the repercussions coming from their own actions... they should fear the wrath of their disgruntled populace, but they have nothing to fear from me. If governments choose to follow our example, they will receive praise from their people and overall better economic times in their immediate future.

Is your question not listed here?
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